Sexual Harassment (AB1825 Fulfillment)


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About the Seminar

The focus of our Sexual Harassment training is on the legal requirements of AB 1825 regarding sexual harassment prevention plus critical information about retaliation and discrimination. We also discuss implementation tactics and how to communicate respect for all employees. This online seminar is the same one delivered to clients on a face-to-face basis and meets all legal requirements.

AB 1825 requires that the training be “interactive” and in a “classroom” setting and include:

  • Information and guidance on federal and state law prohibiting and correcting sexual harassment;
  • Information and guidance regarding the remedies available to victims;
  • Practical examples designed to instruct supervisors in how to prevent harassment, retaliation and discrimination.

The additional elements we add include:

  • Examples of what harassment, discrimination and retaliation look like in the workplace;
  • Specific guidance on how to handle a complaint;
  • The relationship between “poor performance” and harassment, discrimination and retaliation lawsuits.
  • We use actual cases and “what if” scenarios

Who should receive this training? The law broadly defines the term “supervisor” to mean anyone who has “supervisory authority” including all levels of management whether or not a manager has subordinates.

By considering this type of training for your managers, you have chosen to take an important step toward reducing your legal liability as an employer. Many of the court cases we read about involve well intentioned but illegal actions on the part of supervisors and managers. It is our intent to educate and motivate supervisory staff to do their jobs in a legal as well as practical fashion, particularly in the area of advising them on their personal liability.

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