Dental & Medical

We have over 700 dental clients and over 50 medical offices and clinics in all 50 states and we work closely with 3 labor attorneys who watch over us and assist us regularly.

We have written our documents in easy-to-understand language designed to promote communication between doctors and their teams.

The following are some of the products and services we provide:

  • Employment Handbooks – Communicating your policies and procedures in writing can reduce the possibility of discrimination and misunderstanding.
  • Fingertip forms CD and Employment Applications – State and Federal forms plus great forms written especially for dental practices
  • The Effortless Accrual Table – This is the simple easy way to keep track of vacation and sick time.
  • Recruiting – You get the very best team members when you trust a professional, particularly one with a strong HR background. We’d like to show you how you get more for your money with our recruiting methods.
  • Assessments – Identify potential personnel problems before you hire! We have several types of assessments that measure integrity, core competencies, behavior and values. These are critical for a good hire. We can also work with your team on communication issues.
  • Training & Mentoring – We stand beside you and your Office/Practice Manager to guide and encourage when it comes to hiring, firing and everything in between.
  • Discipline and Termination – Handle these issues legally, effectively and with confidence.
  • Employee Classification as Exempt and Non-Exempt – Mistakes in this area can be very costly!
  • Job Descriptions and Performance Appraisals – Written and customizable, our job descriptions and performance appraisals establish a clear understanding of responsibilities.
  • On-Going Consulting – We are available online and by telephone when answers are needed for troublesome personnel issues.

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