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Human Resource Advisors is a full-service Human Resources Consulting and Staffing company founded in 1988 by Barbara Freet.

In the beginning, Barbara was a successful Recruiter for independent insurance brokers. In response to the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1991, many brokerages began asking HR-related questions on behalf of their clients prompting her to expand her staffing business to also focus on more generalized human resources issues. What she found was a huge need for overall HR services in the small to mid-sized business niche. Since then focusing primarily in that niche has brought continuous growth in both products and services, as well as staff. Now, Human Resource Advisors has three regional offices and a continually growing professional team to serve our clients and candidates throughout the US.

Our highly-skilled Consultants serve as the HR department for our clients providing both “administrative” and “guardian” functions. The “administrative” function includes recruitment, new hire orientation, benefits administration, setting up compensation structures, managing vacation accruals, writing Employee Handbooks, managing payroll, etc. The “guardian” function is designed to keep clients out of trouble by applying both legal and practical solutions to their problematic employment issues. This has been a winning combination for our clients and has brought about continued growth and success.

Our team bring a high level of expertise and are available to assist you with your simple question or complex issue. Please call our office at (925) 310-4824 . We look forward to serving you and your company.