PPE—What Employees Need to Know


This online safety training course about personal protective equipment (PPE) is designed to teach supervisors and facility managers to conduct hazard assessments and to select the appropriate personal protective equipment for employees on the basis of the hazard assessments. By the end of the training session, supervisors will understand how a PPE hazard assessment is conducted, involving an evaluation of the workplace and job functions for any potential hazards that can be controlled through the use of PPE. Also, this course will teach supervisors how to select the proper PPE to protect against the hazards found during the hazard assessment and demonstrate how to show employees how to properly wear and care for their PPE.

Duration: 24 Min


Please purchase the desired number of credits, and a member of our team will reach out to you within one business day to get the necessary info to deliver invites via email. 1 credit is needed per person taking the seminar.