Scissor Lifts: Operator Safety


Thousands of workers use scissor lifts to perform work at heights across a wide variety of industries. But because of this high rate of usage, there is a similarly high rate of scissor lift-related accidents. Fortunately, the majority of these incidents can be prevented through proper training. This presentation will train scissor lift operators to appreciate the hazards associated with scissor lifts; minimize those hazards; and safely operate, handle materials on, and inspect and maintain scissor lifts.

By the end of the course, workers will be able to recognize the hazards of operating scissor lifts; identify common features of scissor lift equipment; inspect scissor lifts and maintain them in a safe working condition; demonstrate safe stabilization, positioning, and operation of scissor lifts; lift loads, tools, and other work materials properly; and prevent falls through safe work practices and by wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Duration: 29 Min


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