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The list of products that follow have been developed by Human Resource Advisors in response to the requests of our clients over the years. It is our intent to provide you with the most practical solutions that ensure legal compliance and ease of implementation. Products include the following and are customized to fit your needs:

Employee Handbooks Communicating policies and procedures in writing can reduce the possibility of discrimination and misunderstanding. It is an excellent vehicle for explaining benefits and important company information as well as meeting state and federal employer requirements.

HR Security System Ideal for small employers, this program provides an Employee Handbook and the other essentials of a well-run effective HR department plus discounted consulting hours.

Assessments Find the very best candidates with the right “fit” for your unique organization. Determine the strengths of your team and make the best use of them to increase job satisfaction and productivity. How? With assessments that tell you what you really need to know.

Job Descriptions Gain helpful tools to conduct job analyses and communicate expectations clearly. Valuable during hiring, workers’ comp and other leaves of absence when defining the “essential functions” of the job is important.

Performance Evaluation Benefit from a tried and true system that works. Create management and employee buy-in with measurable performance improvement results.

Forms and Applications – We believe that forms should be written clearly and briefly to facilitate communication and documentation. To that end we have developed a CD with needed government forms and the best of the additional forms we have developed for our clients over the years. They cover hiring, ongoing employment, leaves of absence, discipline and termination. We believe you have better things to do than make up a form or compose a letter when we have done it for you.

Effortless Accrual Table We know it can be troublesome to keep track of your employees’ vacation, sick leave or PTO accruals. Consequently we developed an Excel table that is simple and easy to use. You put in some basic data and the Table does the rest.

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