HR Products

Practical Solutions That Ensure Legal Compliance and Ease of Implementation

The list of products that follow have been developed by Human Resource Advisors in response to the requests of our clients over the years. It is our intent to provide you with the most practical solutions that ensure legal compliance and ease of implementation. Products include the following and are customized to fit your needs:

Employee Handbooks

Many employers understand the need for employee handbooks but don’t know how to write one or where to find one they can rely on. Others take the “ostrich approach” and assume that because they haven’t had any problems to date

HR Security System

In response to the requests of many of our clients for a complete package of services they can purchase and put into place immediately, we now offer a package designed to make compliance with state and federal laws as simple


Our years of experience as recruiters and as HR consultants listening to the stories told by our clients about their experiences with employees has led us to try to find tools that will ensure better hiring decisions and therefore less

Job Descriptions

There are some very good reasons for writing job descriptions. Among them is the requirement by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to identify the “Essential Functions” of a job in order that people with disabilities can

Performance Evaluation

Motivating for improved performance is one of the greatest challenges managers face. Communicating expectations effectively and giving meaningful feedback are important parts of the process

Forms & Applications

Every company, even those that have gone “paperless” needs communication devices that both give and obtain needed information. At Human Resource Advisors, we believe that well-written forms do both effectively

Effortless Accrual Table

Human Resource Advisors has prepared this program to assist you in tracking your employees’ accrual and use of vacation and sick time (or PTO) with ease. The format (written in Excel) is designed to be as simple and easy as possible