Our years of experience as recruiters and as HR consultants listening to the stories told by our clients about their experiences with employees has led us to try to find tools that will ensure better hiring decisions and therefore less distress caused by poor employees. One very effective way has been the use of assessments.

The first question that needs answering by someone contemplating the use of an assessment tool is what do I want to know? Good assessments do more than label a person based on personality type. While that information may be interesting, it is more important to know what type of person has the best chance to succeed in the specific position you are considering filling. Is it possible to know that? Yes!

With that in mind, the following assessment descriptions will assist you in determining what you need. Please be assured that all the assessments we offer are legal and meet both state and federal non-discrimination guidelines. They are job-related and effectively predict success on the job. You can get the information in some cases immediately and in others, within a day. We will be happy to interpret the results for you until you are comfortable interpreting them yourself. We know you will find these assessments very valuable and we encourage you to read the Testimonials we have provided.

General Employability Profile 

This is an excellent screening device because it measures only 2 things: work ethic and reliability. If a person scores high in these 2 areas, they may be a good candidate; if not, you need to look further!


This is an excellent assessment tool for you and a whole team. It can also be used with candidates to see if they bring the needed elements that the team requires to make it a more effective team. It allows you to see what type of person s/he is in 4 particular areas: Decision-making, facilitating, people skills and detail-orientation. The creators of this assessment went one step further by developing a job-related tool that can also be used by the team to determine (and explain!) what type of person works best in which positions. After taking the WorkTraits Survey, a person can go online and retrieve information about how s/he can be more compatible with each of the other team members and how s/he can deal with conflict with each team member. Of course the manager can see this information too.

If someone works very well in a certain position, you will know what type of person you need to hire to replace that person. Or conversely, what you don’t want and need next time!

We have become Certified WorkTraits consultants and will be glad to give you one free trial Assessment in order for you to get acquainted with this great product. Just let us know if you are interested!

Applicant Interview Guide

This assessment measures the factors that work for and against a candidate’s success in the areas of how well s/he works with others, if s/he knows what to do, if s/he will actually do it and what his/her job-related attitudes are. You will find out the level of risk you will have in each of these areas if you hire him/her. Also, based on the results, you are given interview questions to ask to allow you to delve a little deeper.

Performance Zone Report

If you want a report with more detail that includes the candidate’s ability to relate to others, communicate with others, handle rejection, and problem solve, this is the assessment for you. It also includes the person’s job-related attitudes and personal attitudes about work. You will receive an overall score (the Z score or zenith score) about the potential of this person to succeed in this particular position.

Leadership Assessment

The Leadership report is a powerful strategic measurement of one’s capacity to develop the vision and mission format for the organization. It is not as tactical as the management model but does provide the same overall Z (zenith) score that looks at a leader’s capacity to relate to others, to communicate effectively with others, to actually get things done, to organize current events, and to plan for future events.

Work Environment Study

This instrument allows you to determine the type of person you need in a specific position by setting a Benchmark you can use to compare to candidates’ Top Performer Profiles. It is a very good tool because you set the parameters for your own Company.

Top Performer Profile

We have been using this instrument for many years and like it because it incorporates the DISC but adds some additional information that is extremely helpful. It gives you 1½ pages of narrative about the person, advising you of her/his strengths and weaknesses. It breaks down the DISC score in a new way, showing you the gradations you need to know. Finally, it gives you a “Success Insights Wheel” that you can compare with your Work Environment Study at a glance to see if this person is a fit based on what you are looking for in that position.

All of these assessment tools can be taken online. We will set you up for any of those that you are interested in using.

The price includes 1.5 hours of consulting time assisting you in understanding the information provided by the assessment and determining your next steps as appropriate.

We are confident that you will be very glad you added some of these tools to your current hiring procedure. Our clients that use them now really appreciate the information they have been able to gather that would not have been available to them otherwise.

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