Effortless Accrual Table

Designed for Tracking Employee Vacation & Sick Time (or PTO)

Human Resource Advisors has prepared this program to assist you in tracking your employees’ accrual and use of vacation and sick time (or PTO) with ease. The format (written in Excel) is designed to be as simple and easy as possible. You will input some basic data for each employee and rely on the Effortless Accrual Table to take it from there. It is that simple!

Many employers rely on their payroll company to track accruals only to find the accruals are not correct and they have to pay out more money than expected. Using this table is an easy way to confirm that your payroll company’s records are accurate.

You can print it several times a year to make sure your record-keeping matches your employees’. And when someone leaves, it is an easy thing to compute any accrued but unused paid time off that may be owed to them upon termination.

The Table comes with instructions and we are glad to assist you in setting it up.

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