Forms & Applications

Every company, even those that have gone “paperless” needs communication devices that both give and obtain needed information.

At Human Resource Advisors, we believe that well-written forms do both effectively. Consequently we have taken great care to write, refine, and refine again many forms that we have written or that we have obtained that can be shared and used by others.

Consistent with our goal to provide our clients with the best in every area, we make our forms available several ways. You can order them on our Fingertip Forms CD and get the most current versions of government forms, forms we have written and forms we want to share. Also, in the course of consulting we will send you the form that is pertinent to the topic at hand. Lastly, you can receive it as part of the HR Security Package and every year thereafter as part of the Employee Handbook Subscription Service.

We have learned the importance of legal, complete employment applications over the years because of our consulting. They have come in handy many times! Consequently, at the request of our clients, we have published an Employment Application that can be purchased in lots of 25 without your name on them or we can customize them for a nominal fee with your name and logo if desired. We can also add additional information specific to your needs for additional cost —just let us know.

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