HR Security Systems

In response to the requests of many of our clients for a complete package of services they can purchase and put into place immediately, we now offer a package designed to make compliance with state and federal laws as simple as possible.

This Program is ongoing. During the first year we will put much of what you need into place. In the second year and thereafter, we will provide you with the updates you need to stay in compliance.

  • The fully customized Employee Handbook written for your industry in your state. (First and Final Draft with telephone assistance at no extra charge)
  • The Forms CD with government forms (such as the W-4) and forms designed specifically for all employers from hiring forms to termination forms and everything in between.
  • You will receive New and Updated forms (e.g., the new I-9 form) periodically as we obtain or develop them.
  • Employment Applications to satisfy all legal requirements.
  • The Effortless Accrual Table to keep track of vacation and sick leave (or PTO) the easy way.
  • Plus SIX HOURS of consulting on issues relating to your employees in the first year. If six hours are exceeded, consulting will be charged at the normal consulting rate or you will be given an option to purchase hours in bulk for a discounted rate.
  • After the first year you will receive your Employee Handbook updated automatically plus you will receive a new Forms CD with updated government forms and any new forms we have obtained or developed.

Compliance is cheaper than exposure. You have two discounted options: You can make one payment or 4 quarterly installments. We will be happy to send you the registration form and more information. Just email or call us!

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