Job Descriptions

There are some very good reasons for writing job descriptions. Among them is the requirement by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to identify the “Essential Functions” of a job in order that people with disabilities can compete fairly in the labor market. Having written job descriptions meets this requirement.

We have already written job descriptions for the positions in a dental office, insurance agency, country club, restaurant, grocery store and mortgage lender. All meet (ADA) requirements. We can assist you by writing job descriptions for any industry.

Job descriptions can be used:

During the hiring process. They can form the basis for questions asked during the interview of all applicants for that position. This helps keep interviewers on track asking job-related questions and increases the possibility that all applicants are judged based on the same criteria.

During the performance appraisal process. Employees appreciate knowing what the expectations are that make up the evaluation process. If appraisals are tied to functions outlined in a job description, employees have a greater chance of meeting those expectations.

To bring employees back from a workers’ comp leave or any other type of medical leave. Because our job descriptions outline the physical requirements of the job, they can be given to a doctor to assist in the determination of when the employee can return to work.

During an employee discipline situation. They can be used to clarify expectations and potentially assist in getting an employee back on track.

During the termination process. They can substantiate the decision to terminate an employee due to performance reasons.

Fundamentally job descriptions are a means of communication that form the basis for an understanding of what a particular position entails. It is a “living document” in that it is designed to be continually changed as the requirements of the job change and the skills and abilities of the jobholder change. It is meant to be a valuable tool for the employee in the job, the supervisor supervising the job and the applicant applying for the job—presumably with the same goal: to do the job well.

Call for a list of job descriptions already written or tell us the job descriptions you need and we will write them for you.

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