Consulting Services

Most managers have times when they need to discuss their employment-related ideas and decisions with someone who can validate, suggest, or introduce new ideas to assist them.

For many years Human Resource Advisors has provided that function as a management partner to our clients.

Our consulting takes several forms—it may be a discussion over the telephone or a reply by email. It may be answering a simple question or providing the strategic plan to layoff staff. Sometimes we travel to the client’s office to assist with a termination or layoff in person. Other times we prepare all the paperwork and customize it so it is instantly ready to go.

We may handle the Unemployment Insurance paperwork for an employee located in Pennsylvania or provide a strategy for handling a chronically late employee in New York. We may conduct a mediation session with two angry employees who work in a warehouse or advise an employer which leaves of absence apply to someone out on workers’ comp leave.

It could be and often is about any subject you can think of that involves employees. When needed, we call our attorneys and get their advice—at no additional cost to our clients.

We work with companies in almost all industries and in all states. We have learned to ask good questions to move from the presenting problem to what is really going on so we can be most effective.

Our goal is to have our client feel better off for having talked with us than s/he did before—more confident, more clear about next steps, and better educated and prepared for next time.

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