HR Audits

The purpose of an HR Audit is to take a look at your HR function at a moment in time and be able to assess the level of legal compliance and effectiveness of your processes and procedures.

You can take our findings and recommendations and use them to make necessary changes internally, you can hire us to assist you or you can hire anyone else of your choosing to assist you.

HR Audits are particularly helpful when making changes in whoever currently handles that function, during re-organization, prior to a sale or merger when due diligence is expected, and when there have been complaints and/or lawsuits. An HR Audit changes vague worry into a concrete picture enabling you to make good decisions with confidence.

The following is a partial list of the areas we review during an audit of your human resources practices.

  • Are your selection and hiring processes effective?
  • Do you have a good orientation process for new employees?
  • Does your current Employee Handbook contain what it should?
  • Do you have Job Descriptions and are they ADA compliant?
  • Have supervisors been trained on the most troublesome topics?
  • Do you fulfill Americans with Disabilities Act requirements?
  • Are COBRA and HIPAA managed correctly?
  • Are recordkeeping, filing and privacy requirements being met?
  • Are ergonomic requirements met?
  • Are Exempt and Non-exempt classifications correct?
  • Do you have a current Illness & Injury Prevention Program in force?
  • What is your compensation structure and how do you arrive at internal equity?
  • Do you meet all the requirements of sexual harassment law?
  • Do you utilize effective performance evaluation methods, forms and procedures?
  • Do you have consistent discipline policies and procedures?
  • Are your termination and layoff procedures legal and effective?

You will receive a report of our findings and our recommendations. We also provide a summary sheet listing in priority order those areas that need further attention. It is our intent to give you the information and assistance needed to make this process efficient and as uncomplicated as possible.

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