The Human Resource Advisors recruiting team has been very successful in placing candidates in many industries over the past 20+ years.

We have the added advantage of being HR professionals who are keenly aware of the cost of placing poor candidates in a company. For that reason we spend a lot of time making sure our screening process successfully includes the best candidates available and excludes the others.

We know that it is often the worst employees who are let go first so we go beyond the resume postings depending heavily on our network for referrals. We don’t play any of the games common to recruiters but try to be memorable for our integrity and representation of the company, the job and the candidate.

We offer two types of recruiting services: the first is contingency search and the second is our own unique program called SmartHire. Our fee agreements tell you more about each type of search. We can also be hired on an hourly retainer basis if desired.

Please give us a call to talk about your search or to get further information about our programs or fees.

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